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Los webinars, en colaboración con Dental Tribune Study Club, incluye enriquecedor entrenamiento online presentado por especialista de nivel mundial y enfatizarán técnicas clínicas y procedimientos.

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The synergy of digital dentistry and biology in implantology - designing and treatment workflow

Dr. Stavros Pelekanos

Concepts of abutments selection and design for screw- and cement-retained implant-supported restorations
Prof. Ariel J. Raigrodski

Towards a biologically-oriented esthetic implant restoration at the smile zone. Where do we stand?
Prof. Nitzan Bichacho

The Recreation of the Emergence Profile

Dr. Juan Arias Romero

New Insights Into Tissue Conditioning around Implants

Dr. David Norre

Perio Implant in Aesthetic Zone - Copying Nature from the biological concepts to the digital workflow

Dr. Gustavo Giordani

1 abutment - 1 time story. Truth or myth?

Prof. Tomas Linkevičius

Esthetics around implants - new techniques!

Dr. Dima Cosmin

A new approach to enhancing the peri-implant soft tissue in the anterior zone

Dr. Victor Clavijo

Bone splitting technique

Dr. Dima Cosmin

Sinus lifting

Dr. Dima Cosmin

The Digital Implant - Restorative Connection in the Anterior Esthetic Zone

Dr. Galip Gurel

Biological approach to dental implantology: An evidence based choice

Dr. David Norre

The Secrets of the V3 Implant System

Prof. Nitzan Bichacho

Live Planning of Actual Clinical Implant Cases. MSOFT, MGUIDE and V3 Implants in Action

Prof. Nitzan Bichacho

Digitalization and predictability in implant dentistry: introducing MGUIDE and MSOFT

Dr. Tali Chackartchi

Challenging nature in the everyday practice - repeatability and predictability with MGUIDE

Dr. Stefan Koubi

The Restoration - Soft tissue interface around teeth and implants: Concept and Implementation

Dr. Mirela Feraru

Implant Placement in High Aesthetic Situations

Dr. Juan Arias

The implant-abutment complex in the esthetic zone. New perspectives

Dr. Stavros Pelekanos

The Challenging Anterior Transition Zone Between Teeth and Implant

Dr. Victor Clavijo

V3 Integration in Digital Workflows

Dr. Florin Cofar

Predictability in aesthetic implant dentistry: factors that contribute to an improved outcome

Dr. Tommie Van de Velde

Getting the surgical and prosthetic protocol that suits the patient

Dr. Mithridade Davarpanah